We started Sit Play Stay back in 2015 and specialize in in-home care and services as well as pet care for special needs, seniors and challenging pets. We service Jacksonville and all the surrounding areas in training dogs. Our dog walking and pet sitting services cover a wide range in the Jacksonville area, please inquire to find out if we can service your area.


Our Mission is to enrich and fulfill the lives of your furry family members & bonding people and pets together.

OUR GOAL is to help reduce the homeless pet populate by providing pet parents with the tools and resources they need to help them live a balanced life together. Your pet is our #1 priority.

OUR PURPOSE is help humans and pets live in harmony, to help them live a thriving life together.

WHAT WE STAND FOR: trustworthiness, honesty and dependability. You will have comfort, peace of mind, and safety for your pet.

We are passionate about the health, happiness and well being of your pets! Our professional career with animals has encompassed a wide range of roles that form a strong skill set for the care of your pet(s). At Sit, Play, Stay, we are focused on providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will exceed your expectations. Our team is dedicated, skilled and equipped to handle all situations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, you and your pet will never be without the care you need!

Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
— Roger Caras

FACT: The state of Florida does not require a dog trainer to have credentials to call themselves a trainer. Here are ours: