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Welcome to Sit, Play, Stay!  I am passionate about the health, happiness and training of your dog (and other pets)!  My professional career with animals has encompassed a wide range of roles that form a strong skill set for the care of your pet(s).  After earning my professional Dog Training Certification (ABC14120) in 2007 from  Animal Behavior College (I am also a mentor trainer for students getting their dog training certification through Animal Behavior College and CATCH), I became a Veterinary Technician to augment my knowledge of small animal health and behavior.  These two skills lead me to a position with the Behavior Management Department at The Jacksonville Humane Society.  There I had the opportunity to evaluate and train hundreds of dogs needing a little extra help learning to behave in an appropriate manner around other dogs and people.  I believe very strongly that each dog, whether he came to you as a puppy or was adopted as an adult (and everything in between) can benefit from positive training, creative enrichment, and a nice, long walk!  I’d be happy to speak with you about your pets and how my services would benefit you and your family. 

Whitney Haywood, Owner Sit, Play, Stay, LLC.

Nicole Challen
She brings dog training/behavior modification experience and veterinary technician experience to our team! She does dog walking and pet sitting for us while working towards her dog training certification. She also will keep friendly dogs (as she has 2 dogs)  in her home for boarding. All covered under our insurance.



That’s MY Job! June/July 2015 issue
Whitney Haywood – Certified Dog Trainer
How long have you been a Certified Dog Trainer?
I became a certified dog trainer in 2006, I started working in the
animal behavior department at Jacksonville Humane
society a year and a half ago.
Why did you choose this career?
While I was in college I adopted a puppy from the local shelter.
He was so mischievous and I didn’t know what to do! I sought
out training and wanted it to be positive. I met some trainers,
read articles and decided this is what I want to do. I love
working with dogs and helping people help their dogs.
since working at the shelter I am very
passionate about helping the shy and scared dogs/puppies become more confident and find
loving homes. It’s a rewarding career.
What kind of education did you get to become a Certified Dog Trainer?
I went to college for zoology, then went through animal behavior college to become a certified
dog trainer.
What are some of your responsibilities?
In the Behavior Department at JHS, I take and return calls/emails about issues people are
having with their pet(s), working with the dogs here at the shelter to keep their stay as stress
free as possible while they’re waiting to get adopted. I also work with the cats at shelter too!
The behavior department makes up daily enrichment ideas for the animals to keep them happy.
We do playgroups with the dogs to keep them exercised and social.
What do you like most about your job?
When working with people and their dogs, it’s knowing I helped them to work with their dog
and in turn that dog was not brought to the shelter. And here at the shelter is when I see a shy
dog come out of their shell and get adopted in to a loving home

Spot light trainer (August 2015) - Animal Behavior College

Whitney Haywood
ABC Mentor Trainer

Whitney Haywood has been a professional dog trainer since graduating from ABC in 2007. For the past 8 years, she worked with the Jacksonville, Florida, humane society in the animal behavior department and held both group classes and private lessons. Whitney has been a Mentor Trainer for ABC since 2012 and has assisted numerous students in completing their program. Graduated students continue to contact Whitney for various dog training tips and behavior issues. In addition, she was recently featured on the Jax4kids.com website, highlighting her career as a certified trainer.
Whitney just opened her new company, Sit, Play, Stay LLC, which is also located Jacksonville. She offers pet sitting, dog walking and dog training, including behavioral modification. Whitney will continue to hold group classes at Dogwood Park.

How has your experience as an ABC Mentor Trainer been so far?
Very rewarding; I met some great people and made lasting friends among my students. A lot of them still contact me with questions or advice. I love being able to teach my students the way I train, which is with understanding and patience.

What techniques/methods to do use to help your students gain as much experience, skill and knowledge as possible before graduating?
I use positive techniques and remind students to not get aggravated at dogs if they are not doing what they want them to do; remain calm, take breaks and be patient.

When did you know you wanted to become a dog trainer? Was there a particular instance that inspired you?
I adopted puppy while in college in Gainesville, Florida, and he was a challenge for me as he grew up. I tried reaching out to trainers and wasn't happy with a lot of them using more forceful training methods. I wanted to train him in a positive [way], so while searching online for help I came across ABC. I decided I would learn how to train him and myself the right way.

Was training your first choice for a career? If no, what was?
I honestly did not know what I wanted to do. I went to college for zoology knowing I wanted to do something involving animals.

Why Us?


"Finding Sit Play Stay was life changing for me & my German Shepherd. I can't thank Whitney enough for giving Blitz a chance. He is very fearful and they were able to gain his trust, so we can enjoy vacations!!"

"Whitney came to my home and did some work with me and my dog, Boomer. She did an amazing job with us. We took Boom on a nice walk and we did some training while on the walk and once we got home. She is very knowledgeable and personable. She utilizes positive reinforcement and seems very intune with the animals she trains. I highly recommend her services!"